Coming Soon to Your Daily Nerd: News Articles!

Hey Nerds!

One of the goals with creating this website has always been to become your number one news source for all things video games and things video game related.  I am happy to announce that this will be our first step toward making that goal a reality.

Starting this coming week of April 23, you can expect at least two news articles every week.  This will also replace our Weekly News video series (which, admittedly has been gone for a while) and will help feed into our weekly news segment on The YDN Cast. It’s all about that giant symbiotic cycle that I always preach about on The YDN Cast.

We’re still a small operation here at YDN, but are constantly working at improving and expanding.  If you have any questions for us, things we can do better, or suggestions for articles you want to see us cover, please head over to and let us know.

Kyle Viveiros
Founder of Your Daily Nerd


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